Then go custom with EPIC DELIGHT

Besides our industry releases, which are sub-published by exclusive libraries for pro-projects, Epic Delight can support your movie trailer, commercial, sonic branding or corporate sound identity in a special and colorful manner. No matter if you are looking for beautiful orchestral emotions, epic symphonic styles or ultra-modern and innovative trailer design with powerful drums & hybrid magic - all of that (and even more) is possible!

Depending on John's schedule, it is possible to uncover your individual musical visions. His studio is equipped with high-end hardware, an abundance of top notch sample libraries & live recordings and he is open to a wide variety of genres. Being an expert also in the field of vocal production, sound design and a multitude of modern styles, the creative possibilities are endless!

Note: EPIC DELIGHT & John Meisel are not offering to create custom music for horror- & war-movies or war-games. 

Films with an explicit dark background or projects promoting dependence causing substances are also not welcome.