We are delighted to present our new modern and authentic album “MODERN INDIA”, which expresses our intense musical endeavors to capture the vibes, history and  modern spirit of the Republic of INDIA by showcasing and honouring the musical roots and traditions in this area a of the world, but also by infusing it with an ultra-modern, contemporary vibe. Each track is named after a special region or big city of this amazing country, which stands on the threshold to a bright future. Experience exquisite traditional sounds like, for example, original Indian percussion, hammered santoor, dulcimer, sitar and tabla, with their often non-linear structure and unique sounds, but also highly modern sound-design and fresh western song structures and arrangements that transcend tradition towards a new, contemporary listening experience. We want to invite you to dive into MODERN INDIA and feel which track(s) could be the right choice for your next sync challenge 

…Expect the Un-expected!